Our Story

Let’s Change How We

Manage Business

Our focus is on taking action, providing tools for implementation so that we are able to undertake a transformative and generational shift in practice in our sector.

Our Specialties

We believe it is imperative for philanthropy to become more diverse, inclusive, and equitable in its practices for three main reasons:


The DEI Coalition is a means of building a learning community with a commitment to effectively implementing a DEI Framework or elements of it, within our foundations

The Objectives of the DEI Coalition:

  • Encourage the sharing of DEI best practice and resources within foundations and more broadly to the philanthropic sector.
  • Enabling teams to develop expertise in this specialist area, with the support of others.
  • Enabling foundation to use a DEI lens in developing grantmaking priorities or programme areas
  • Empowering foundations to build a supportive organisational and inclusive culture that leads to effective grantmaking, more inclusive systems and better representation.
  • Disseminating the latest research, evaluation, and data in relation to DEI as a tool for learning and impact across the foundation sector
  • Providing a protected and safe space to discuss challenges, barriers and difficulties in the implementation of practice.