Our Learning

This section focusses on the learning programme of the DEI coalition.

The Coalition meet 4 times a year and will upload all slides, presentations and materials here.

We are happy to share these resources but we would request that authorship or the source is always acknowledged in order to recognise the time and effort invested in preparing and collating them.

Session 1

“DEI work is not like an on-off light switch, it is more like a dimmer switch that you push up day after day and month after month.”

This introductory session focussed on understanding the definitions of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and discussing why this work was important for Foundations.
Slides Session 1
Session 1 Summary Notes
Meyer DEI Spectrum Tool 2018
Reflections from Session 1 by James Lee

Session 2

Equity in Grantmaking
Due to the Covid 19 Crisis and the rapidly changing environment in which foundations are now working, a decision was taken to focus the second session on Equity in grant funding distribution. As these sessions are being run over Zoom, they have been split into three parts taking place over 3 weekly sessions.

Day 2a – Understanding Equity and Inequality (April 2020)

Unpicking the terms Equity/Equality/Inequality and understanding the picture of inequality in the UK with Fahmida Rahman from the Resolution Foundation.

Understanding Inequality Slides (Fahmida Rahman)
Targeted Universalism explained
Targeted Universalism Primer
‘An African American Students Dilemma’ extract
The 4th Box – Understanding Equity v Equality
Session 2a Summary Notes
Session 2a Recording of Presentation with Fahmida Rahman
Day 2b – Equity and Covid 19 (May 2020)
Presentation by Nusrat Faizullah
Women and Covid 19
Coronavirus and the Impact on Disabled People
Covid 19 and the impact on BAME groups
Day 2c Operationalising Equity in Grantmaking (May 2020)
Operationalising Equity in Grantmaking Slides by Fozia Irfan

Session 3

Data, Data, Data.
In this session, the coalition focused on the use and collection of data. Why is it important to collect data? What data should funders be collecting and how should it inform your strategy? The Arts Council also kindly provided us with a case study.
DEI and data presentation by Fozia Irfan
Analysing Funding Distribution by Charlotte Carter
Arts Council a Case Study by Abid Hussain