Resources which you may find useful

Acknowledgement that the majority of these resources are from the USA – but that is where most of the learning is emanating from, at the moment. Do get in contact if you are aware of any UK resources which have been omitted.

Foundation DEI Policies & Practice Toolkits

ACF DEI Report:

A Practical Guide to DEI:

Ford Foundation DEI Resources for Funders:

Assess how equitable your funding is:

Incorporate DEI in grantmaking checklist:

Assessment Tool from Justice Funders:

Grantee-Centric Philanthropy:

Implicit Bias in Grantmaking:

Intersectionality in Grantmaking:

Shifting Power

Power Moves:   Walking the Talk on Diversity

Shifting power to communities:

Shifting power through participatory grantmaking:

Toolkits to help communicate ideas about DEI

D5 Coalition Communication Tools:

Equally Ours (UK) Guide:

Racial Justice

The Philanthropic Initiative for Racial Equity’s definitive guide to grantmaking with a racial justice lens plus additional resources:

List of resources for Racial Equity:

Further resources for Racial Equity:

Making the case for Racial Equality: 


Enhance grantmaking to the LGBTQ community:

LGBTQ people in philanthropy:

Collecting Data:

Non- Discrimination Policy:

Building a more inclusive workplace:


European Foundation Centre Disability Network:

Practical Tool for Foundations:

Focus on what funders are doing:

Disability Inclusive Grantmaking:

A Donor’s guide to Inclusion:

Participatory grantmaking with the Disability Rights Fund:


Grantmaking with a Gender Lens:

Grantmaking with a Gender Lens – Case Studies

Gender-Lens Philanthropy:

Colonialism & Philanthropy

Decolonizing Wealth,  Villanueva, E. (2018) Oakland: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

Philanthropic Colonialism:

Addressing Historical Slavery:

Slavery and Donations:

Philanthropy as Colonialism:

Foundation Characteristics & DEI

Family Foundations:

Community Foundations:

Independent Foundations: